Ulster County Democratic Committee

With important local elections coming up, the Ulster County Democratic Committee contacted us after seeing our “pizza video“, inspired to request our help in creating videos for a Facebook video ad campaign.

We did six on-location shoots across multiple New York counties, featuring a wide range of legislative candidates and their supporters. Working closely with the Committee, we produced and directed dozens of dynamic, authentic performances from folks with no experience on camera. This included working with the Committee to draft scripts, coaching on-screen talent to give natural performances, and framing shots that would pop in small ad frames. We then edited dozens of separate clips before handing off for the addition of captions and graphics. The 14-second ads were then deployed on Facebook Ads and the rest is history: The majority of the candidates won their elections!

And in a huge win for the Committee, the project was completed at a small fraction of the cost a professional video production team, while still generating professional-grade results. We utilized the surprisingly good video quality of the iPhone 12 camera and our external Rode shotgun mic as the only gear, relying on natural lighting and bucolic outdoor locations. It’s not broadcast-quality, and it doesn’t need to be. Social media ad campaigns demand dozens of separate ads to be tested, targeted and honed into the highest-conversion rate and lowest cost they can reach. Our method of video production allows for rapid turnaround, low cost, and respectable results. This rush job was no exception, as we only had a few weeks before the elections to deliver the goods.

Now Remade is happy to work with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Anarchists… whoever! While we naturally prefer some ideologies over others, we believe all “sides” carry a part of the truth with them. Our job is to unite people towards a common goal by emphasizing the humanity we all share. We believe voters connected to these ads because we captured authentic performances from people who honestly want to make their communities better. We’re looking forward to seeing what all these hopeful helpers do in the coming years.




  • Consulting
  • Video Production, Direction, Scripting, Shooting & Editing
  • Audio Editing



  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • iPhone 12