Hi, I'm Zac Shaw.

I own and operate Now Remade. Our mission to connect people and improve lives through creative use of digital technology. We work with individuals and businesses to launch and market products and services. We grow revenue, cut costs and achieve goals efficiently.

What Is Now Remade?

Since I launched my first business in 1995, I’ve been fascinated with technology and using it creatively to connect people in ways that add value to the world. You’re reading this, so that makes us the latest connection. Perhaps I can help improve your life? But how?


I spent the last 25 years becoming a digital polymath. I took the best of what humanity has to offer in a wide variety of fiends, and integrated it to deliver work that is uniquely effective at accomplishing goals. I love it so much, I plan on spending the next 25 years doing the same. 


So in other words, I have senior-level work experience in business management, product development, website production, graphic design, online advertising, social media, writing, editing, email marketing, marketing automation, customer service, podcasting, vlogging, audio and video production. If you’re looking for someone who knows how to do it all, do it well, and do it fast, I’m your guy.


Of course, one person can only do so much, which is why today I focus on training and consulting. I do continue to work with people and businesses using all of the aforementioned skills, assisted by a small group of outstanding freelancers.

A Little History

Now Remade was founded in 2014 and formerly known as Catskill Digital. We provided (and still provide) full-service digital marketing solutions for dozens of small- to medium-sized businesses in the Hudson Valley of New York, and across the country. Prior to that, I spent 20 years working in a number of leadership positions at unique and exciting companies with cool titles like Creative Director and Senior Digital Producer, generating millions in revenue over the years. I decided in 2014 to pursue my own business full-time and never looked back. In 2021, we rebranded as Now Remade, with a greater focus on consulting, training and business/career development. My greatest passion is to pass the information in my head on to you so that you might prosper. I’m always happy to review your situation free of charge, just drop me a line.