Le Shag

Le Shag is the leader of the Kingston, NY hair salon scene, and one of the hottest places to get your hair cut and styled in the whole country. In addition to being a kick-ass salon, Le Shag also does hair and makeup for major TV, film, and stage productions. Le Shag continues to expand while keeping a sharp focus on empowering women with career guidance and skill development.

We were called in to refresh a stale Squarespace website. We changed design templates to achieve a more modern, clean, minimalist look, fixing branding inconsistencies along the way while creating a style guide for future design work. We optimized the design for mobile and emphasized options to book appointments and contact the salon. We heavily edited copy to fix mistakes and create more evocative mental imagery to match the amazing talent at the salon. All of this was accomplished in a very short amount of time.

We continue to work with Le Shag doing what we do best — being a Swiss Army Knife of digital services. At the time of this writing, we’re helping to design an ad for a major print publication, consulting on content marketing strategy, social media and business development, doing more editing and web development, and jumping on any tech-related questions with clear, concise solutions. We love working with Le Shag. If you need a new look, we’re sure you will too!




  • Consulting
  • Website Development
  • Writing & Editing
  • Graphic Design



  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Squarespace