Intimate Arts Center

Sheri Winston’s Intimate Arts Center is an “adult sex ed” organization that offers “empowering, enriching, enlightening and entertaining erotic education for everyone.”

Known for its leading books on the subjects of sex, relationships and intimacy, authors Sheri Winston and Carl Frankel asked us to revamp their online presence and help launch a major book release for Succulent Sexcraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice.

We brought our multiple disciplines into play, making revisions to the website to optimize the promotion and purchase funnel, and drawing on the Center’s incredible content to drive inbound marketing. We more than doubled web traffic. We revamped all social accounts and increased the following audience dramatically. We managed all social media for maximum engagement and to drive traffic through the marketing funnel to a book purchase. We improved email open and conversion rates, and grew the list substantially with free value funnels for book downloads and video excerpts.

We also helped the Intimate Arts Center build a paid membership portal to showcase exclusive content and build the foundation of a new content-based business model to support the company’s efforts and generate additional revenue.

Thanks to our efforts, the book debuted at #1 in the Sex book category of, and peaked high in the top 200 of books across the whole site.


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