Band As Business

Musicians have long avoided learning about the music business, suffering exploitation and failure. For musicians, the time is now get a basic education in music entrepreneurship, because in today’s world, it’s DIY or die.

We teamed up with John Snyder of the awesome Artists House Music non-profit to plan a curriculum that would engage and educate a new generation of musicians. Artists House has a massive video library — John brought to the table hundreds of hours of video footage featuring interviews with top names from all corners the music business.

We edited that massive mountain of content into 5.5 carefully curated hours, and with John’s wisdom (and 85 pages of written advice I typeset into a lesson guide), we emerged with a course like no other.

At the time of this writing (over 8 years since the course launched), over 10,000 students had signed up for the free course, which maintains a 4.5-star rating. We couldn’t be more overjoyed to help so many musicians figure out the music business.


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